Sunday, September 2, 2012

Governor's Island

Yesterday, we went on a new adventure to Governor's Island.  None of us had ever been there before so it was like playing tourist in my own city.  It's kind of sad I've lived here all my life and there are still things I've never done or seen. 

We got on the East River Ferry (again, something we've never done) and took it all the way downtown to Governor's Island.  Caterina had suggested going there because there was a...get this...a unicycle festival...of all things going on there.   It was a sunny and very hot day but we were armed with sunglasses and sunscreen.

I was so surprised upon arrival at the island how many people were there and how much there was to do.  There was free kayaking, mini golf, bike rentals, a graphic design exhibit in a gloriously air conditioned building, an art show and, of course, the unicycle festival which we never even got to see because it was on the other side of the island.   We followed and shared the path with innumerable bikers and found our way to a river side man-made beach with lots of picnic tables and a large tent where we enjoyed the view of lower Manhattan, people watching and some much needed beverages. 

The rectangular building is the United Nations.  I used to work 2 blocks from there.
 Here is the Brooklyn Bridge which is under construction.  Behind it is the Manhattan Bridge. 
 Here's a shot of the kids, Raja, Caterina and Logan with Tower One in the background.
 Here's a better shot of Tower One.
 This is a picture of the midtown skyline (east side of Manhattan).
  On the way back to catch the ferry home we came across this preying mantis who was trapped between a screen and window.  He must have gotten in there through a small hole but I was concerned he would die before he found his way back out.  I vandalized government property (sssshhh) and rolled the screen up to allow him to get out and we continued on.  When we got to the end of the building many yards away and I saw some bushes, I turned to Jim.  I didn't even have to say anything to him and he just started back towards the window.  The kids laughed as they said, "gee, you don't even need to talk and he knows what you are thinking".  We waited for Jim and he returned with that lucky preying mantis perched on his chest as you can see by the below picture.
Jim gently gave him a lift to the safety of the bushes and I gave Jim a big hug for saving him.
Upon docking back where we started from, we decided to go to dinner at a locally famous seafood restaurant.  Yet again, something new for me as I'd never eaten there.  While I didn't find cause for the place to be famous as the food was "eh" and the service was severely lacking, I was very grateful for not having to cook dinner. 

We had a very nice day and I think what made it even nicer for me was when we were on the ferry coming home and though we were exhausted, Jim turned to me and said he was happy we'd made a new memory that was just ours as neither one of us had ever been there with anyone else so that day and place would be forever ours.  So sweet!  Gotta love that man!


Maria Matter said...

sounds like your family had a lovely time Serene!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog with your sweet comment!
hugs & blessings!

courtney said...

You got some great shots of what seems to have been a great day! And what a sweet, thoughtful man that Jim of yours is!
Interesting, the island is kinda shaped like an ice cream cone.....

Serene said...

Ha! I thought the same thing, Courtney, when I saw the shape of the island on the map.

Melissa said...

Love the photos!