Saturday, September 15, 2012

Project Life Products


Just a heads up for those of you doing Project Life.  I took a peek at Becky's site and she's got some core kits in stock, i.e., the Clementine and Turquoise core kits. The Cherry Edition is also still available. 

She also has journaling grid cards, blank white cards as well as coordinating cardstock cards in both sizes 3 x 4 and 4 x 6. 

I'm off to order me some.  Yay! 

Happy Shopping!!!


Jenn said...

Aren't they just awesome!?! I am ordering a bunch, can't wait to use these, and I have a feeling it will be in more than just my Project Life album!!

luv46kdz said...

I haven't taken a bite out of project life, but I'm interested in finding out about it so I'm gonna check it out.

Renee said...

This looks so awesome!! I will definitely pop by and take a peek. It looks so much fun!! Thanks so much for sharing, Serene!!