Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Today is my baby's 15th birthday.   Wow!  It's hard to believe he's not a baby anymore.

We had a relaxing day with absolutely lovely weather which was a nice change considering the severe storm we had yesterday that even brought a tornado with it.

For lunch today, at Logan's request, I made homemade meatballs and linguine.  That's not a regular kind of lunch around this house but it is his birthday and the birthday boy gets what he wants.  The good thing is I made plenty of meatballs while I was at it so I have dinner covered tomorrow night.  Yay!  I love when I get two meals out of one cooking session. 

Tonight, again at Logan's request, we went out for Chinese food.  The usual gang was with us Eddie, Caterina and Raja.  We had a very nice dinner and even brought home some doggie bags.

We didn't ask for this delicious dessert but our waiter brought it anyway. 
We sang Happy Birthday to him and then our waiter put his phone on speaker and played the Chinese Happy Birthday song for Logan.  By the way, it's a very pleasant tune and we were all swaying to it while we listened.  It was nearly 9 pm when I took the below picture and that's why the restaurant looks empty.  It was quite busy when we arrived.   
Logan had a happy day which is what we wanted for him.  He also got some nice presents from us and from his friends, too.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!


Staci said...

Your DS and I share a birthday! Happy 15th to Logan!

luv46kdz said...

Happy B'day!

What they hey with another tornado, I thought we had problems with earthquakes but you guys have twisters and quakes now!

courtney said...

Happy birthday, Logan!
Sounds like a wonderful day. Glad the weather co-operated for it...a tornado the day before? Yikes!
I think it's a really nice touch when restaurants do a little something extra to celebrate birthdays. And how extra-super-nice they gave you enough ice cream for everyone to share!

Serene said...

Happy Birthday, too, Staci!!!! I hope you had a happy day as well.

Paula - I saw on the news last night we've had 10 tornadoes since 2007. And we actually had 2 tornadoes hit on Saturday. I initially had only heard about the one at Rockaway Beach which is where we were supposed to be for a surfing competition that Logan wanted to see since the waves were 10 footers due to Hurricane Leslie. The other tornado was in Canarsie, Brooklyn.

Courtney - you're right. It's nice when they do something extra. I know them pretty well in that Chinese restaurant as it's near my office and we eat-in or order from them often but they still didn't have to do that so it was very nice.

Lisa said...

Ahhh, it sounds like Logan had a nice birthday! It doesn't take them long to grow up does it.
Glad you guys stayed safe through the storms. Scary weather stinks!

Renee said...

Happy 15th Birthday, Logan!! It looks like you had a wonderful celebration!!

Melissa said...

Happy belated birthday to Logan!