Monday, March 18, 2013

Winter Woes

I guess my asking Mother Nature to keep winter away fell on deaf ears because we've got another snow storm in full swing right now.  It started as sleet earlier tonight but now we've got big flakes and it's sticking.

It's hard enough hobbling around on crutches and a walking boot in good weather.   This snow is just making things harder.  I need spring and a new ankle. 

On a happy note, I saw carts of pretty, colorful flowering plants outside the supermarket today.

Spring can't be far away if they've got the plants out for sale, right?  Until then, I'll keep singing the song........snow, snow go away.


courtney said...

Crutches? Oh no!
Hopefully, this is winter's last hurrah. All the Easter bulbs in the grocery store have me pining for spring now too!

luv46kdz said...

Guess what? I don't miss it one stinkin bit! Good ridance to snow and freezing temps :)