Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8/14/10 Weekend Shots

Hello, bloggers!

Sorry for my tardiness but here are my shots from this weekend.

I took a short walk across the street on Saturday and snapped a pic of this cute little lawn ornament that graces my neighbor's front yard. What's funny is they don't have a real dog. Instead, they feed 8 cats in their backyard. My Sunday shot is of my son's colorfully laced sneakers. This green is his favorite color. Last year, all his school supplies where this color.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!


luv46kdz said...

Love the sneaker shot!! How cute that little doggie is, in a house that feeds kitties, to funny ;)

Kathi said...

Forget about the shot - I love the sneakers! Does that lantern the dog is holding light up? How cool would that be!

Serene said...

I've never seen the lantern lit up but that doesn't mean it can't light up. I'll ask them the next time I see them.

Barb said...

Great shots, Serene! I am behind posting. Computer crashed Thursday and have been getting it back and running.

I LOV E the tennies!! Glad Logan is big enough to like what he likes. Go Logan!!