Thursday, August 19, 2010

Addendum to 8/14 Weekend Shots

It would appear that a correction has to be made on the number of cats my across-the-street-neighbor feeds on her backyard deck. I thought it was 8, wrong! I went over there this morning as I was leaving on my way to work. I wanted to let her know one of her brood came for a morning feeding on my porch. I was surprised to see Baby, as she calls him, on my porch poaching food from the bunch that I feed. He never comes out front so it was certainly a surprise.

I wasn't the only one surprised by his trespassing. My "regulars" were looking at him like, "who the heck is this guy?", as he went from plate to plate gobbling up their food. As you can imagine, they were none too happy.

Upon ringing Phyllis' bell, she invited me in to meet everyone who was lolling around waiting for her to stop stalling and put the food out already. I walked out on her deck and it was like a cat-a-palooza back there. Kitties everywhere! We did a tail count and the number she feeds is 11, including 4 new fluffy kittens, we think. Nice lady to feed that many kitties, right? She had me laughing when she informed me that her husband of nearly 5 decades sneaks them food when he thinks she's not looking. She said she lets him think she doesn't know. Cute stuff!

Oh and I noticed my boarder cat, Shave, lounging on her covered bbq grill. That 2-timing cat! I wondered where he spends his days when he's not at my house. Now I know!

I was having a great time lolling around myself chatting with Phyllis but the clock was ticking and I needed to get to work so I had to say goodbye to her and her furry friends. On my way out, though, I asked her if that lantern hanging from her cute little doggy lawn ornament lights up and she said yes. It just needs a battery. So, I expect I'll be seeing it lit in the future as soon as her husband gets around to replacing the battery. Maybe when he's not out back playing with the "kids" as he refers to them. Ahhh, the joys of retired life. Good for them!

Have a nice day everyone!

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Kathi said...

Cool beans - I wanna see the light!