Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adventureland Adventure

Last night we went to a local amusement park called Adventureland. It's located about 40 minutes away from us on Long Island. It was a relatively cool night compared to the scorchers we've had all summer so it was a good night to go. We went with my friend Maria and her son, Matthew, and her daughter, Melissa. We also brought Eddie, Raja and Caterina with us.

Here's a shot of all of the kids.
Here are some of the stooges, Logan, Eddie and Raja, as Jim calls them. Don't ask me which is which stooge.
Here are the girls, Melissa and Caterina.
Another of Melissa and Matthew.

Here is that pirate again. I can't tell you how many pics we have of this same pirate on the right. We've encountered him in Florida, the Bahamas, and now on Long Island.
Here is a pic of the kids in the balloon lob. They place water filled balloons in the red buckets above them, pull back and let 'em go at each other. Naturally, they were soaked after this attraction. Thank goodness I thought ahead and had them all bring a change of clothes.
On the floom ride. Another opportunity to get wet.
Don't need a license to drive these cars.

Logan got the last ride of the night on the swings. I got dizzy just looking at them going round and round on this ride.
Didn't know we had our own version of the Eiffel Tower right here on Long Island.
Did ya ever see such a huge chocolate bar? Notice the chocolate covered drake's cakes devil dogs or marshmallows above it to get a sense of perspective. It was huge!

We closed the park and left around 11:30 p.m. Everyone had a great night and a lot of fun.


Barb said...

Wow! It looked like you guys had a great time!! Love all the smiles!!

Glad you had a cooler night for your trip! It has been really hot here, too! Finally got a small break today.

Lisa said...

Looks like everyone was having lots of fun! You got some good pics... I feel another mini coming up!
That hershey bar has my name ALL over it! But $50.00? You gotta luv the chocolate to spend $50.00 on it no matter how big it is!

Kathi said...

That's a terrific shot of the mini Eiffel Tower - great composition, great lighting! Looks like you all had a blast. Love that water balloon attraction in the heat of the summer. Brilliant!

Melissa said...

What great pictures, Serene! Glad you had a cooler night for your outing. Looks like the kids all had a lot of fun.

And wow, that's a lot of chocolate! Expensive, too!

courtney said...

Wow, what a lot of fun! And how wonderful you're getting shots of these great times for Logan.

luv46kdz said...

ooooo, look at that chocolate bar!!! yummy.

It looks like they had a blast, you guys are so good to take em all. Look how pretty Cat is! hug Logan and her for me, good kids S :)

Staci said...

Looks like so much fun! I haven't been to Adventureland in ages!