Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend shots 8/21

Ok, I'm finally getting a chance to post my pics from 2 wks ago.

It was a lovely Saturday that weekend. It was cool compared to the blistering heat we had all summer. My plants appreciated the break in heat, too. So much so did they appreciate it that they bloomed like they hadn't since the spring. I just had to take a pic of them in all their pinkness. Here is Jim's Spidey jacket. He loves this jean jacket. Spidey is his 2nd favorite character after Wolverine.
I'm off to post this weekend's shots.
See you in a minute.


Barb said...

Wow, Serene! I can't believe those flowers. I remember when Logan and you planted them and now they are huge!!! they certainly like you!!

I would love to see Jim in his Spidey jacket!! It's cute!!

Lisa said...

Oh My! The flowers are just amazing! They do like the cooler temps than what we've been having. Love the jacket! Probably not as much as Jim... but I think it's awesome!