Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend shots 7/31-8/1

Here are my shots for last weekend. Sorry I'm late in posting. It's been a long week and this has been my first chance to access the computer.

We've started on our back to school supply list so I made a bouquet of my favorite bic pens. I'm loving that the stores are carrying them again. For years they were impossible to find. Here is my little bench in my front yard. This is the bench we sit our annual scarecrow on. My father-in-law makes these. In this pic, I'd just finished giving it a fresh coat of red spray paint to spruce it up. You'll notice the heavy chain. We've sadly had to resort to chaining it down because it has a bad habit of disappearing from our yard and I've gotten tired of replacing it.
I'll be back with this weekend's shots.